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Chiropractic Care Can Help with 'Text Neck'

March, 2018

With human kind's almost incessant use of technology in today’s world, there is a new phenomenon called 'text neck'. (Yes...this is very real).

Literally, the constant use of smartphones - and staring down at them - is causing neck pain and discomfort. In some more severe cases, this can cause more than soreness. With a neck that is constantly bent, soreness, stiffness, and even major injury are sure to follow.

A solution to this 'pain in the neck' is to get chiropractic care. Since looking down at your phone like this often causes actual curvature and misalignments of the spine, chiropractic care can really help you! Thrive Family Chiropractic will use spinal manipulation to properly align the spine and keep it healthier and pain free. Getting care on a regular basis will keep your spine properly aligned and eliminate any level of 'text neck' pain!